Which watercolor paintings are you going to paint?

By now you probably have your eye on watercolors and watercolor sprayers.What are some of your favourite watercolor or watercolor-painting tips and tricks?Let’s find out!Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to get started:1.Your canvas: The canvas can be a very versatile piece of art, depending on how big of a project you’re working on.A large piece of paper […]

What is it like to paint lady butterflies?

Painter’s Day 2017 is a day of great beauty and fun.Join us for an afternoon of art with the painter.The artist will paint you a painting for your birthday.If you are planning to paint a painting, here are some tips for getting started:Don’t forget to bring your own brushes and paintsticks.You will have plenty of time to paint with them.Use […]

How to paint a dress: What you need to know

Dixie Belle Paint: Paint a dress for the Dixie Belle and her cousin, Bubbles.The paint was inspired by the black paint Bubbles wears to hide his tail, but this dress also works with black and brown.(I am wearing a black dress with black piping for a Halloween party, but if you are, go ahead and do it.)This is the kind […]

Why you need a wall painting for beginners

Walls are an essential part of any home.Whether it’s a wall that’s designed to look like a wall or a wall painted to look more like a door, it’s an easy way to create an aesthetic.And the idea behind them isn’t hard to understand.Wall paintings are usually made up of individual pieces of fabric, like a tablecloth, and then covered […]

Artist paints plastic paint brush and glass to create watercolor painting

When the artist and the watercolorist are out in the country, the artist might paint on a piece of paper, or the watercolors might paint in the kitchen, said artist and watercolor artist Brian Shilcutt.“It’s not necessarily about the artwork,” ShilCutt said.But, he added, “the art can really be about the relationship between them.”ShilCurved’s painting of the “Pants of the […]

What the stars can tell us about our planet

Now Playing: Watch the full interview with the stars of Disney’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ video Now Playing ‘Star Trek’ actor Karl Urban talks about how he’s adjusting to being a part of ‘StarTrek’ Now Playing Disney says ‘StarWars’ franchise is ‘a dream come true’ Now The Latest: ‘Star Tours’ star gets a tattoo of a ship’s captain in […]

What a story from Colorado to South Carolina…

A story that will likely go down as one of the most famous sports stories in the nation.The story of the Colorado Avalanche and its first-round playoff game against the South Carolina Stingrays was written in November, 1982.In it, former Avalanche captain Mike Vernon said he was told by a Stingrays player that the Colorado coach would be “the first […]

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