FourFourFourTwo’s Art Supply Store for $50

FourFour2 has teamed up with Art Supply to offer an exclusive collection of art supplies for just $50.The art supplies are a great way to spend the day, and they come with an incredible assortment of supplies, including brushes, brushes with brushes, art supplies, paints, tools, paper, markers, brushes, and much more.They’ll also have all kinds of fun crafts for […]

Cool painting ideas for the summer

We’re here to help!Let’s get creative!The summer has been a big year for the world of art, and as much as we love art, it’s also been a year for cool art.While many people are excited about the summer, some have found their summer break to be more challenging than they’d like.But if you’re ready to go for a fun […]

Why does a sunset painting look like a cherry blossom?

New Scientist article By the early 2000s, the art of sunset painting had become synonymous with the genre of landscape painting, and with the New Yorker art critic David Adjaye.In a 2003 interview with Adjayes, AdjayE wrote: The style of sunset paintings, with its rich colour and the way the painting’s surface is rendered on the viewer’s retina, is very […]

How to paint nude bodies with Starry Night Painting

Hitlers paintings and posters are considered iconic by millions.Now you can paint your own Hitler.A few tips and techniques will teach you how to create a Hitler inspired painting.The artist, Nattavit, is based in New Delhi.She’s famous for her work and she’s a huge fan of Nazi imagery.The painter says she’s used many types of materials including acrylic, metal and […]

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