“Painting supplies” is everywhere, but not as easy as you think

A growing number of retailers are starting to stock paint supplies, which is making the process of purchasing and storing paint a little easier. This month, ColorBag, an online paint store, started offering paint brushes and brushes with paints for home, business and retail customers.And, while some customers might have to spend a little more for paints than they do for […]

The best-kept secrets of the 100 most interesting things that happened in 2017

The most interesting events in 2017 are still the ones that we know about, such as the moon landing, the coronavirus pandemic, and the first solar eclipse.But if you’re looking for the big surprise of the year, there’s one event you probably haven’t heard about.And it’s actually a really cool thing.The best-known event of 2017 happened on November 4th. It’s a […]

House paint is for decorating not painting, says woman who’s ‘really scared’ of her future

An Ontario woman is concerned her life will be changed forever by the paint she paints on her house.The painting business is the only occupation she has left.The paint used on the walls of the house, located in the community of L’Aigle-Lavignac, Ont., is made of a high-grade acrylic called white gold.It is meant to add colour to any home […]

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