How to paint a house

A home is the most beautiful and functional thing you can own.It is the place where you spend the most time, where you live the most.And for some people, that’s about as close to a complete home as they can get. The next step for many is to find the right paint job.There are a plethora of paint and wallpaper supplies […]

Which Nazi Paintings Were You Most Inspired By?

The most popular and often-quoted paintings in the world today are from Germany, the world’s most Nazi-influenced nation. They are:  Hitler’s “Das Juden” (The Judgement of the Jews) by Max Ernst; Siegfried Sassoon’s “Die Walküre” (Fearless Victory) by Josef Goebbels; Georges Seurat’s “L’Ecole d’Art Nouveau” (A Night of Paintings) by Edouard Manet; Ralph Fiennes’ “Le Morte d’Arthur” (Blood of the Earth) by Claude Monet; […]

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