You can make a painting with this vintage brush

The paintbrush is a timeless tool.While we have a lot of paint brushes these days, many of us are still using the classic black-and-white paintbrush, which was used from the mid-1800s until the early 20th century.But there’s one brush that you can use today to paint a lot more than just black and white.In fact, you can paint a beautiful […]

Artist paints plastic paint brush and glass to create watercolor painting

When the artist and the watercolorist are out in the country, the artist might paint on a piece of paper, or the watercolors might paint in the kitchen, said artist and watercolor artist Brian Shilcutt.“It’s not necessarily about the artwork,” ShilCutt said.But, he added, “the art can really be about the relationship between them.”ShilCurved’s painting of the “Pants of the […]

How to clean up the mess left by the paint brush

By Mark KrieglerFinancial PostSeptember 18, 2018A paint brush can be a lifesaver for a messy home.In this article, we take a closer look at the many uses of paint brushes and their pros and cons.1.Cleaning up the paint brushes can be time-consuming, and even if you do it correctly, you might not want to do it on a regular basis.It […]

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