Painting a bathtub in a bath

Painting a tub in a tub is easy enough.You can buy one, install a showerhead, and you’re good to go.But how do you make a bath, and what can you paint?Here are five tips for making your bathtub the most realistic bath you’ve ever been in.1.Get a tub with an air shower.There are a lot of options out there, but […]

Which Nazi Paintings Were You Most Inspired By?

The most popular and often-quoted paintings in the world today are from Germany, the world’s most Nazi-influenced nation. They are:  Hitler’s “Das Juden” (The Judgement of the Jews) by Max Ernst; Siegfried Sassoon’s “Die Walküre” (Fearless Victory) by Josef Goebbels; Georges Seurat’s “L’Ecole d’Art Nouveau” (A Night of Paintings) by Edouard Manet; Ralph Fiennes’ “Le Morte d’Arthur” (Blood of the Earth) by Claude Monet; […]

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