What you need to know about ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer’s new makeup,pink slime,and a few other Halloween-related Halloween-themed Halloween stories

A new trailer for the Disney-Pixar film Beauty and theBeast, which opens in theaters next week, features some pretty sweet Halloween themed makeup.But the trailer also uses some pretty gross things.The most disturbing part of the trailer comes right at the end of the movie, when the camera zooms out and a bunch of skeletons are seen.“The skeleton crew,” the […]

Which color is best for your body paint?

A lot of paint is created in a single step: adding a color to paint that contains a chemical reaction.This process can create many different colors, and many of them are very different from each other.But if you want a very precise and precise color, you should go with the one with the most similarities in color.And that color is […]

Why is there so much hatred of Arabs?

It is the year 2017, and in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian monarchy is fighting for its survival.It has been a war that has lasted for decades.Since the Saudi invasion of neighbouring Bahrain in March 2011, a Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Arab countries has waged a war on the Shia majority in that country.It is seen as an existential threat […]

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