Why are you painting walls?

On the outside of a house, there’s a lot of light.On the inside, there are shadows, and these shadows are often caused by a large amount of water.That water is a paint, and it’s a very difficult thing to remove, especially with a large volume of paint.Paint is extremely sensitive to water, so when you paint a large part of […]

What to do if your car has scratched paint on it

The American Conservatives’ annual car safety report looks back on the most common automotive mishaps, and finds that people can get in trouble for a variety of reasons for damage to their vehicle.Here are some tips for handling paint that’s been scratched: • If you suspect you’ve scratched a paintjob, go ahead and try to remove it yourself.You can get […]

Which Paintings Were Most Memorable?

On April 11, 2018, the anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland, the internet lit up with debate on the artworks that inspired Adolf Hitler and his followers.Among the most popular topics were paintings by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.The paintings depicted Hitler’s own family, including his father, father-in-law, mother-in‑law, and brother-in­law, as well as members of his inner circle.Many of […]

When the color of a paint brush makes the world go ’round

In the mid-1800s, American artists began to experiment with color.But in their most famous and iconic creations, color has always been the result of a brush.As we learned from the history of painting, it wasn’t always a one-to-one relationship between pigment and brush, but rather a dynamic interaction between the two.The brush in the painting above is an 1892 blue-colored […]

How to paint the matisse paintings in Matisse’s Impressionist Paintings

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.Subscribe to The Conversation and be part of the discussion.The Matisse paintings are among the most enduring artworks in the world.They’re the result of a combination of creativity and an astonishing amount of patience, ingenuity and perseverance.The matisse was originally created as a painting to accompany his first major public exhibition, The Matisserie.It depicts […]

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