Why is the Painted Lady Butterfly painted?

Why is the Painted Lady Butterfly painted?

In Australia, it’s a butterfly, a butterfly that has been painted by local artist Emily Taylor.

The painting has attracted attention since its discovery last month in the city of Sydney.

It was found on the city’s west-side and has been in the news ever since, with the Australian media buzzing with questions.

How does it happen?

It’s the work of Emily Taylor, a local artist who has been painting the butterfly in the paint store where she works in Wollongong.

She was inspired to paint the butterfly after seeing a poster in the local art gallery where the painting had been found.

The painting is part of an ongoing series of portraits of Australia’s indigenous people, which have been featured in local media in the last few months.

The Painted lady butterfly has a dark grey face and a white patch on the right eye, which is painted on by hand with a brush.

It has a bright orange and black patch on its left eye, also painted with a hand brush.

Emily Taylor said it was a common occurrence in Australia, where people have been painting butterfly portraits for centuries.

She said she was excited by the painting, and that she was inspired by her mother, who painted her own portrait.

“My mum painted butterflies for me when I was very young and I have always been a butterfly fan,” she said.

“I have always loved the butterflies and this is one of my favourites.”

She added that she wanted the butterfly to represent the Australian way of life and to raise awareness about Indigenous people.

“We don’t really have a lot of people of colour in our country and I thought, ‘What could I do that would really bring awareness and recognition to the Indigenous people of Australia and their culture?'”

She said the painting is meant to give a sense of the richness of Aboriginal Australia.

“I love the symbolism of this painting and I am so proud of it.”

What do people think about it?

Emily said she hopes the painting will bring awareness to Indigenous people who are living under Indigenous disadvantage and racism.

However, the painting has drawn criticism from some Indigenous people, including former president of the ABC, Stephen Conroy, who tweeted: “If you think you’ve seen the real Painted Butterfly, ask the locals.”

He added: “I hope you don’t think it’s Australian, just another thing to paint on the wall in a place that isn’t a country.”

Ms Taylor said she had received many messages from Indigenous people thanking her for the painting.

“It’s not a racist thing at all, it just speaks to the love and respect that I have for them and their way of living,” she told ABC Radio Sydney.

“They are not being exploited or mistreated in this country.

There is nothing in this painting that is racist or anything that is disrespectful or not respectful to the people that live in the area.”


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