Australia to launch ‘Dog Crossing’ program

Australia to launch ‘Dog Crossing’ program

Australia will begin piloting a program that will see animals be painted over and over again with painted rocks as a form of “animal crossing” art.

The program will be run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and will see the installation of painted rock sculptures, such as those used to decorate a number of Australian parks, across the country.

“The purpose of the program is to encourage people to come to see the artwork,” said a spokesperson for the National Park Service.

“They may be visitors, and it’s a good way to engage them in the art.”

The agency said it wanted to see people “come to see what they see in nature and to appreciate the uniqueness of it”.

The artwork would be placed in parks across the nation and would be accompanied by an interactive guide to the nature and wildlife.

“We’re working with a number people in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to work with them on this program,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to engage with nature.”

The program would be run in collaboration with Australian Parks and the Australian Museum, and would begin in 2017.

“With the introduction of the [new] National Parks Act, we’re also able to create new opportunities for people from outside the country to visit Australia,” the spokeswoman said.

The Australian Museum and Parks Australia have previously worked on a similar project.

The project will see some of the country’s most iconic landmarks painted over, with the Australian national flag being flown at half mast.

The National Parks Service and the National Museum are planning to work closely with local community groups, as well as the National Trust for Australia, to make sure that the program works.

“People want to see something they recognise in nature,” the spokesman said.

“It helps to bring people into the conversation.”

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