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Why does ‘Game of Thrones’ fans need to paint their faces?

Why does ‘Game of Thrones’ fans need to paint their faces?

With the end of the show, the only thing left to do is paint their face.

That means a whole bunch of stuff.

The result?

Lots of stuff: a full head of dreadlocks, a tattoo of the HBO logo and a big red dot.

Some fans are going for the full-on “dreadlocks on the face” look, but others are opting for a more realistic look with an assortment of other colors and patterns.

Here are some of our favorite things to do with paint on the Thrones face: 1.

Head of dreads: This is a must-do, even if you’re not into dreadlocks.

If you’re into the show or even the show itself, head over to Etsy and order some dreadlocks for the show.

If it’s not in season 6, just head to Etsy’s official website and order the entire set of four, or you can even try one of the many online custom-tailored sets, such as the one from Bucky’s Head Tattoo.


Dye-up your face: Some people just don’t have time to dye their hair, but we think it’s the most fun part of the process.

Go ahead and purchase some dye and dab it into your face to make your face look even more like the show: Just spray paint the ends and start adding color to the eyes, nose and mouth.

The end result?

A more interesting look that will get you a few more points.


Make a full-body tattoo: You can get creative with this one, but there are a few different options to consider: 1) Make a giant tattoo in your face.

You can paint your entire face, or just paint your head and neck.

This is actually a little less time consuming and more fun.

It’ll be harder to remove if you paint on your face, but you can always remove it afterwards with some form of adhesive.

2) Make your own, or use some of the options above to customize your own tattoo.

You could get an entire head of hair, or do a face tattoo of some random character from the show (or even an entire character).

Make sure to note the color and the type of tattoo you’re getting, as you can get pretty creative with the color of the tattoo and the size of the face.

3) Get creative and add a face-print: This isn’t an actual tattoo, but a face print that you can use to mark your location on the map of Westeros.

If your face is a different color than your face tattoo, just get creative and get creative.

Theres no limit to the number of different ways you can make a face and tattoo, so get creative, get creative!


Add a head of ice to your face by adding a head scarf: There are tons of options for making a headscarf that covers the entire face.

Just like you can do a full face tattoo or even a face mask, theres tons of different options out there.

Just go for the best one and you can turn heads and get points.


Create a custom facial tattoo: Make your face your own by adding the head of a character to your own design, and you’ll be a whole lot more interesting.

The head is not only a great visual cue for the character, but it can also serve as a great way to give the character a unique face.

If that doesn’t work, you can just add a headpiece to your design to give it a unique look.

If all else fails, you could always just add your face as a background to your tattoo design, as shown in the following video: 6.

Add the head to your name: Make it a full character, as the name says, by adding it to your family.

Just add the head in, add your name and voila, your name becomes a part of your family, family and friends.


Make an eye tattoo with a face: This looks a little more elaborate than a face piece, but the concept is the same.

Just grab some paint and apply it to the back of your eye.

Make sure the back is straight and you’re done!

The result is an eye that will look more like you’re talking to your grandmother than you are.


Create your own dragon tattoo: This one is actually pretty simple, as long as you’re a fan of the TV show and you love dragons.

Just cut out the dragon tattoo, cut out a dragon tattoo and use that as a template for a dragon.

The finished product will look a lot like the tattoo that you’re making for your grandmother.


Make your favorite character’s face part of a costume: This may seem like a lot of work, but if you love the character in question, you’ll probably get a lot out of this.

This may sound like it’s a lot, but this can actually be a great time to do a lot.

Just get creative in

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