Cool painting ideas for the summer

We’re here to help!

Let’s get creative!

The summer has been a big year for the world of art, and as much as we love art, it’s also been a year for cool art.

While many people are excited about the summer, some have found their summer break to be more challenging than they’d like.

But if you’re ready to go for a fun summer, here are our top six art ideas for a new summer.

Cool art ideas:1.

Cool paintings: The latest trend for art enthusiasts is to try to incorporate cool paint into their projects.

This is a great way to keep creative energy flowing during the summer. 


Ceramic Paint: “Paint on glass, paint on ceramic, paint like you’ve never seen before,” says Kelly Kelleher.

The paint is easy to work with, as well as beautiful to look at. 3.

Art Nouveau Cool: You’ll have fun with this cool art idea that involves a large painting of a character in a cool-looking dress, a hot tub and a beach.


Giant Articulate Wallpaper: It’s a great idea to have your walls made of articulate, which is a type of plastic that can be used to create a wall.

“Giant articulation is a way of using a sheet of plastic to create intricate geometric shapes,” says Kelleh.


Wallpaper from the Future: Create a wall with a poster board that’s a million times taller than your current wall, or print a giant poster on paper that is 100 times as thick.


Tutorial for the Beach: This summer you can try making a beach wall out of a paper airplane.


Karaoke: Kirsten’s karaoke set is a fun way to have fun and make friends in the summer!


Vinyl Chairs: Make a table out of vinyl chairs and vinyl-coated metal piping to make a tabletop.


Stainless Steel Painting: With a simple spray, you can make a stencil out of stainless steel paint.


Summer-themed painting: Take your summer to the next level with these art-inspired paintings.


Dazzling Watercolor: When the sun is setting, this watercolor is a beautiful way to add a little color to your art. 

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