How to paint nude bodies with Starry Night Painting

How to paint nude bodies with Starry Night Painting

Hitlers paintings and posters are considered iconic by millions.

Now you can paint your own Hitler.

A few tips and techniques will teach you how to create a Hitler inspired painting.

The artist, Nattavit, is based in New Delhi.

She’s famous for her work and she’s a huge fan of Nazi imagery.

The painter says she’s used many types of materials including acrylic, metal and paper.

Nattavits paintings are a great way to show off your Nazi pride.

You’ll need a sheet of white acrylic paint, a paint brush and a small bowl.

The paint will be very easy to apply because you’ll just have to mix the paint with a little water and mix it well.

NattAvit says she uses water to color the paper and that she also applies some silicone gel on the skin to help protect the skin.

Natts skin is covered in dark brown dots and she says you can see them on the paper.

Hitler paints are usually used as a form of artistic expression.

Nattenavit says her work is meant to symbolize her love for the people of Germany.

She says her inspiration for the painting came when she watched a movie about Hitler.

“Hitler’s paintings are usually painted with acrylic paint,” Nattatavit said.

“I have a very soft touch and it’s easy to paint.

I think that the best way to express yourself is to paint something that’s not too difficult to paint.”

You can find more information about Nattas painting technique here

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