How to paint splatter on the walls of your coffee shop

How to paint splatter on the walls of your coffee shop

I’ve been told that it’s a “good trick to do” and that it looks like a “perfect splash”.

And if you think you’ve heard it all before, you’d be right.

You can paint splatters on walls, or even ceilings.

But I’m here to tell you how to do it the right way.

Here’s how to paint your walls in this video.


Mark the location of the splatter with chalk 1.

Start by marking the location with chalk.

You’ll want to be able to see the splatters from where you’re spraying them.

Mark a spot where the splattered paint is going to be.

If you paint the splats on the wall on the left, for example, the left-hand splatters will fall onto the wall.

If the splattering is on the floor, then the splinters will fall on the ground.


Sprinkle a few drops of paint on the spot.

If a splatter has fallen on the paint, then it’s probably already gone by the time you can spray the next time.

Spraying a few paint drops on the splatted area will give the paint a chance to dry.

If it’s not drier, it will start to fade.


Paint the area.

Now spray a couple of more paint drops.

Sprinkling a couple more paint-drops on the splash will make it a bit more “splatter-y”.

If you’re not too sure what you’re doing, start off by spraying on the ceiling, but move on to the walls.

Spray the ceiling first, and then spray the walls when the splat drops.

Repeat the process on the other walls, and on the tables and other surfaces.

You may want to use a paintbrush to apply the spray.

Once you’re happy with the look, apply a coat of clear, glossy, white paint.

This will give you a gloss finish, and will protect the splutters from the elements.


Add more paint Once the spray dries, spray the splutter onto a wall or ceiling tile.

Sprays will stick to the surface, so you may want some sort of adhesive to stick them onto.

For this tutorial, we’re going to use paint-brush adhesive.

Spray a few spray drops onto the splitter, and let them dry.

Once the splitters dries completely, apply another coat of spray adhesive to seal in the splintered paint.

Repeat until you’ve sprayed enough paint to cover the entire wall and ceiling.


Apply the final coat of paint This is where the magic happens.

Once all of the paint dries on the whole wall and ceilings, spray a coat on the area where the paint splattered.

Make sure the paint is as glossy as possible.

Sprayer adhesive can help with this.

Spray the splints a couple extra paint drops onto each of the areas where you sprayed the last coat of adhesive.

Sprayers will stick, so they’ll help to seal the splinter-less paint in.

Once your splinters have dried completely, remove the last of the spray adhesive and paint the area with the final paint.


Enjoy splatter-free coffee shop walls and ceilings This tutorial is designed for coffee shop owners, but anyone can do it.

You just need a paint-sprayer and a couple spray cans, a spray bottle, and a brush.

First, spray paint on your walls.

Then, add more paint to the splashes.

Spray onto the walls or ceiling, and you’ll end up with a pretty spectacular splatter effect.


Repeat This process for the rest of the coffee shop.

You could easily use spray-on adhesive to add more splatter to your coffee-table tables.

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