Which watercolor paintings are you going to paint?

Which watercolor paintings are you going to paint?

By now you probably have your eye on watercolors and watercolor sprayers.

What are some of your favourite watercolor or watercolor-painting tips and tricks?

Let’s find out!

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to get started:1.

Your canvas: The canvas can be a very versatile piece of art, depending on how big of a project you’re working on.

A large piece of paper works best, but a canvas that’s about a foot wide and about 10-15cm high will do. 

You can use a ruler, pencil or even your hand. 


Your paintbrush: You’ll need a paintbrush, a sprayer and a brush.

You’ll probably want to use a paint brush or some other type of watercolor paint, because you’ll be using the sprayer for a long time. 


Paint: You can either use a spray bottle or a paint palette. 


Paint brushes: You could buy paint brushes and use them on your canvas.

Or you could buy paints and spray paint them yourself. 


A watercolor pen: A watercolor pen will help you paint quickly and easily.

You can buy watercolours, and you can even buy them online, but they’re not as cheap as a paintbrushes. 


Paint palette: You could buy a paint pallet, or you can buy paint pallets and paint them. 


A paint brush: It might be cheaper to buy a spray paint paint spray bottle, or to buy spray paint spray bottles. 


Paintbrush: The best paint brushes are available in the form of brushes, which are used to make up your work.

You should also buy a watercolour brush, since you’ll probably need to use it for a while. 


A palette:You could use a palette, or paint palettes, to make your watercolor artwork. 


Spray paint: To paint, you could use an electric or paintbrush.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose. 


A towel: A towel will help keep your watercolour artwork clean. 


A paper towel:To make sure your watercolour artwork is drying well, you should use a paper towel. 


Watercolour marker:You can buy a marker to write on your waterlogged canvas. 


Paper: Paper is great for painting.

You could even use it to make a watercolor. 


A brush:You should buy a good brush to paint your artwork with. 


Spray bottle:The spray bottle is ideal for a spray painting. 


A painting mask: Make sure you’re using a good quality mask for your artwork.

If you’re not, you might want to buy one. 


A small, flat, round object: If you want to paint something smaller than a watercoloured canvas, you can use something like a tea cup. 


A pen:If you need to do a lot of work on your artwork, you’ll want to have a good pen or pencil. 


Paint brush:A paintbrush is great tool for painting quickly.

It will help to paint quickly, as well as make it easier to wash and dry your watery artwork.

 21. A pencil: Another good paintbrush for painting is a pencil.

You may want to get a paint pencil to paint on your work quickly. 


A cloth: An embroidery or lace ribbon will also work as a small, medium or large piece for a water coloured canvas.


Paint mask:The paint mask is ideal to clean your artwork quickly.

If your artwork is dirty, you may want a mask. 

24. A mirror: Some mirrors work well for watercolouring.

It’s best to use something that can be seen from outside. 


A hand towel:Hand towels are great for drying your artwork before painting.


A cotton swab:Use cotton swabs to clean up your artwork and to clean it off. 


A sponge:Use a sponge to clean the water on your paintbrushing surface. 


A bowl:A bowl works as a sponge for painting on. 29.

A rag:A rag is ideal if you have to clean a lot.

It can also be used to clean out your artwork if you need a bit of cleanup. 


A piece of canvas:If your canvas is very large, you will need a piece of wood or cardboard to cover it. 31.

A clean towel:A clean towel will clean up and protect your artwork after painting.

It should also help you to dry your artwork without getting into trouble. 


A trowel:Trowels

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