A cool flower painting tutorial that will make you want to draw flowers

A cool flower painting tutorial that will make you want to draw flowers

An adorable flower painting project that’s easy to do but will leave you with a lot of questions about it. 

The idea is to paint the flowers on a white background, and then the colors will shift in the light.

This process is called “shifting color” because you will be changing the colors from one part of the painting to another.

This is a great way to change up your composition.

The flowers are a nice, easy to work with idea.

However, it takes some practice and practice is key.

Here’s how to do it correctly.1.

Begin with a blank canvas2.

Draw a simple circle3.

Using the left hand, paint a dot in the middle of the circle and the top half of the flower5.

Now you can fill in the rest of the background with your own color.6.

Apply a white color to the top and bottom of the flowers7.

Draw the circle with a white stroke and the bottom half of a circle.8.

Now fill in half of your circle with the white color and fill in all of the rest with the colored color.9.

Apply white paint to the center of the bottom and the left half of each flower.10.

Apply the white paint and fill the rest in with the other color.11.

Apply blue paint to both sides of the center circle.12.

Apply another white color on the bottom.13.

Use the white dot on the center flower to make a heart.14.

Draw your own shapes.

The easiest way to do this is to make your own brush brush.

The easiest way is to use a paintbrush. 

It is possible to do a basic painting using a paint brush, but that will require a bit of practice and it’s not a very creative way to create a simple flower.

The brush you will need is a thin brush, and you can find some cheap brushes here .

If you’re trying to create something more complex like a head, you might want to get a thicker brush.

To do a head in this tutorial, you would use a small brush. 

You can find a variety of different brush options on Amazon.

Here are some options to get you started:1. 

Tiny brush for a head: this brush is about 1/4 of an inch long and has a very thin tip, so it can be used for the most basic brushes. 


Medium brush: the medium brush is 1/8 inch long, and it is thinner than the mini brush.

It is a good way to start with, but it will take a bit more practice. 


Full-size brush: The full-size version of the mini-brush is 1 1/2 inches long and it has a sharp tip. 


Large brush: This is the larger version of both the mini and full-sized brushes.

It has a longer, thicker tip.

It can be a good starting point if you want something more intricate or have a bit less practice.5. 

Mini-brush: you can make a mini-spray of any brush with a small tip.

This works for the full-scale brushes.

This tip is a bit too long for the medium brush.

I recommend a very small brush and a very fine tip.


Folding brush: Fold the brush into itself and apply it as a spray.

It will be much easier to do than the full size brush.7. 

Blender brush: If you have a very simple brush, you can make your brush with this.

This brush is very sharp, so the more practice you can get, the more precise your work will be.8

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