How to paint the face of a cartoon character

How to paint the face of a cartoon character

In order to create a character who’s very much an amalgam of the artist’s own ideas, you have to figure out a way to draw the face.

Here’s how to do that: 1.

Draw the face first.

You can draw the full face from scratch, but if you want to make your character look more like an artist’s hand, you can draw just the face from the inside.

This is how the face on the cover of The Princess and the Frog looks like. 


Draw a little mustache.

A mustache is basically a thin strip of fur running across the forehead and across the nose.

You want to use that stubble to fill in the face, and you want the face to look like it’s been styled by a master stylist.

You don’t want it to look too thin, but you want it so it looks natural. 


Draw two lines on either side of the nose: one running along the top of the cheekbone and the other running along both sides of the mouth.

This will form the nose on the inside, and the mouth on the outside. 


Create a pair of brows, one at the bottom of each cheek and one at each corner of the face: one in each nostril and one across the chin.

This allows the eyebrows to form a sort of nose-cone, and it looks like your artist has really nailed the shape of the brows.


Draw an eye: Just like with a mustache, you want your eyes to form the “eye” of the mask.

This creates a more detailed look, and helps to fill the mouth with detail. 


Draw one eye on the top and one on the bottom.

This makes it look like your face is moving around inside the mask, which makes it easier to draw lines across the mask to fill up the area. 


Draw another eye on top of one on top, then one on bottom.

Again, this allows the eye to appear to be moving around, which helps to create the shape on the mask inside. 


Draw some eyes: Just as with a face, you need to have at least two eyes on the face at any one time, so draw one eye at the top, one on each side of your face, then draw two on each eye.

You may need to use a couple of thin lines to line the eye up, but this makes it so you don’t have to worry about the lines getting cut up when you change your eyes. 


Create the mouth, eyebrows, and eyes.

You’ll want to start with your eyebrows, because they’re the most important part of the whole look.

If you’re drawing a human-shaped mask, your eyebrows are going to be the “head” of your mask, and your mouth is going to serve as the mouthpiece of your mouthpiece.

But if you’re going to have your face covered in fake fur, then your eyebrows will be the eyes of the world. 


Create an ear.

This earpiece should be one that looks like a real one, with the earpiece shaped like a “head.”

It should be a little round and square, so it should look like a human earpiece, with an opening in the middle for the mouth to fit. 


Make the eyes.

These eyes are going on top and bottom, so they should be round and even.

The shape should be oval, and they should have little ridges in the sides to fill it with color. 


Create another earpiece with the same shape, but on the opposite side of it.

You should have two eyes, and one eye should be on top. 


Draw three eyes on top: one on either top of your other two, and then one in front of the other.

This way, you don,t have to line up the two eyes at the same time. 


Create two eyebrows, one slightly longer than the other: one long, and another shorter than the first.

These should be slightly raised at the end, and have small ridges on them to fill them with color, and at the very top, they should form the tip of the “eyelashes” that you’ll be wearing. 


Create three eyebrows, two slightly shorter than each other: the longer one should be shorter than either the first or the second, and there should be some little ridging to fill those eyebrows with color so that they look like real eyebrows. 


Make two eyes: These two eyes should be placed directly over the eyebrows, so you should be able to see them clearly without needing to line them up. 


Make three eyes: The first two eyes are on the back, and should have rounded edges at the ends.

The last two are on top like this:  18.

Draw six eyebrows, all pointing at the

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