A new Christmas painting for the ages by the Dutch artist

A new Christmas painting for the ages by the Dutch artist

This one, “A Christmas Pestle,” by the artist willliampainter, is a simple, yet lovely, work of art that will be of great interest to many.

The title is a reference to the fact that in the Dutch tradition, the harvest season is the first Christmas, and the first day that Christmas trees are to be harvested.

As this is the traditional date, the artist used the image of a tree to show the joy and joy of the harvest.

It’s also a nice gesture that the artist has taken on, as he says, “I have done so in a spirit of joy, and in order to show that I am not afraid of any of the other things that happen in my life.”

The tree itself is a very simple piece of wood, about 6 feet tall.

He used two coats of black acrylic paint and then an additional coat of white acrylic paint to make the entire image.

The base of the painting is a light blue sky with a white star on top.

A large tree is in the background.

“I wanted to be sure to have the light blue on top of the white star,” says the artist.

“Because I have seen people who have painted Christmas trees in a more realistic way, but this tree is very beautiful.”

The artist says he is working on more paintings in the coming months and that he hopes that “the images are going to become bigger and better.”

The work is currently available on his website.

You can view more of his works here.

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