‘Weird Al’ Yankovic: ‘I’ll Always Have the Best’ album cover

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic: ‘I’ll Always Have the Best’ album cover

The rapper has made the cover for a new album, which will be released on January 6.

In a video posted on Twitter, he tells the crowd that he loves the cover art and that he’ll always have the best one.

The rapper, who has a daughter with the singer and a daughter of his own, shared the cover with fans in a post on Instagram.

“I know this is not a new cover for my album, but it was one of my favorite ones,” Yankovich said.

“The title is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

You can’t even imagine the pain that this pain caused.

This cover has been a lot of work to make and the cover has never felt so special to me.

The title was not even the most obvious thing that was in the title.

I’m the most humble person that I know and I’ll never take the credit for this.” 

The album is titled “I’m Not Your Daddy,” and will be Yankic’s first as a solo artist.

He is known for making videos with his young daughter and has also been known to use a robot voice for his videos.

The video for the cover was produced by the songwriting team of the duo Future, with help from the band’s manager, Will.

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